Supply Chain Management

Non-Conflict Minerals

As ABC’s qualified suppliers, they must confirm and provide a Hazardous Substance Inspection Report, Safety Data Sheet, or Declaration of Non-Conflict Minerals. Mining for metals including gold, tantalum, tungsten, and tin in the Democratic Republic of Congo and its neighboring countries has resulted in serious human rights and environmental problems. These metals are known as “conflict metals” (also referred to as 3TG) and can be used in information and communication technology products. Mining and trading conflict metals have financially-aided the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo and its neighboring countries while at the same time causing major bloodshed in these regions; companies manufacturing electronics use conflict metal materials means they support such conducts.

Due to the protection of human rights and the social responsibility of environmental protection to avoid purchasing conflict metals that come from illegal conduct, we have formulated the “Declaration of Non-Conflict Minerals” for suppliers. We require our suppliers to purchase from non-conflict metal supply chains and carry out an investigation according to the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) of the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RM) to thoroughly facilitate responsibility procurement management. Out of the 12 new suppliers added in 2020, 6 of which were required to furnish a “Declaration of Non-Conflict Minerals” and 6 (100%) of which had signed.