Sustainable Environment

Green Building Energy Conservation

In 2022, ABC Group established the Block C Smart Factory at its Yangmei Plant 2 headquarters in Taiwan. This marks the first factory within the Group designed and constructed according to green building standards. The factory was built with the principles of energy efficiency, resource conservation, and low pollution in mind. In 2022, the Block C Smart Factory was recognized as a candidate for green building certification by the Ministry of the Interior.
ABC’s Block C of Yangmei Plant 2 aims to reduce energy consumption and save material usage. It was constructed based on the evaluation of nine major green building indicators. The project excluded biodiversity indicators that did not meet the assessment criteria of one hectare or more. Block C successfully passed a total of five common indicators, including daily energy-saving, water resources, CO2 reduction, indoor environment, and base water conservation. We aim to utilize existing new technologies and innovative thinking to slow down the depletion of Earth's resources. At the same time, we are committed to continuous metal iron powder recycling, making every effort to protect the environment using all available resources at the disposal of the Company.
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Image: Block C Candidate Green Building Certificate