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ABC-ATEC and NTPU Joint R&D Center was opened for cooperation on multifacedted R&D projects

In addition to providing high quality products and helping customers to strengthen their competitiveness, ABC-ATEC Group, a major manufacturer of inductive components, is also committed to corporate social responsibility. Recently, we have established a R&D center in cooperation with National Taipei University(NTPU) to bring more innovative value to the society through talent cultivation and technology development. “The opening ceremony of the joint R&D center “ was held on June 21 at NTPU’s Sanxia campus. ABC-ATEC Chairman Mr. Joseph Hsu, went to the U.S. on business, therefore, the opening ceremony was represented by the President of ABC-ATEC, Mr. Francis Fan, along with the President of NTPU, Distinguished Prof. Chen-Jai Lee, who co-chaired the ceremony. ABC-ATEC President Fan said that resources and talents are the key to technological innovation, which requires the joint efforts of industry and academic institutions, and that the establishment of this R&D center can combine the professional knowledge of academia and the practical experience of industry of ABC-ATEC to create a win-win situation for both industry and academia.

28 Jun, 2023

NTPU President Chen-Jai Lee hopes that this will become a benchmark case of industry-academia cooperation in Taiwan. He pointed out that most of the university’s R&D resources are limited, so support from industry is crucial. NTPU expects a lot from the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and this cooperation will help the university expand its research and development results and cultivate diversified talents. The Dean of College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Distinguished Prof. Yue-Shan Chang, also said that since its founding in 1979, ABC-ATEC has taken “insisting the spirit of service and innovation and seeking for excellence” as its core corporate philosophy, which is also consistent with the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. For the NTPU, this cooperation will give the research teams the opportunity to implement their research results, and at the same time provide ABC-ATEC with professional talents to enhance its competitiveness.

The second technology is AI-AOI inspection. AOI mainly uses high-speed cameras and image processing algorithms to detect defects in product appearance, while AI technology can further improve the accuracy of inspection and intelligent learning. ABC-ATEC will actively cooperate with the “Artificial Intelligent AOI Surface Defect Detection for SWI0402 Inductor” hosted by Distinguished Professor Daw-Tung Lin to improve production efficiency and accuracy through AI-AOI, and reduce human errors and production costs, helping ABC-ATEC optimize the operational efficiency of its automated production line.

The third technology is the LTCC (Low-Temperature Co-fired Multi-layer Ceramic). With the continuous improvement of communication technology, the application of high-frequency microwave components will become more and more widespread, can realize multi-layer, high-density, high-precision packaging device circuit design, to improve product performance. Thus, the LTCC with the size reduction feature, has been included in the important technology layout of ABC-ATEC, and the first LTCC process will be completed in 2023. In the future, we will continue to develop and design new LTCC products and expand the product applications with Prof. Ti-Ku Yu simulation technology.

The Metaverse is a dual concept of virtual and real worlds, emphasizing digital identity, digital assets, and immersive experiences, with unlimited imagination. Distinguished Prof. Shiu-Li Huang, Director of E-Business Research Center at College of Business of NTPU, invited “six Sigma” Professors, the former dean, and a doctoral student to form the “Metaverse Concept Application Project”, which was launched on May 9, 2022. The members include Prof. Shiu-Li Huang, Prof. C.-H. Wei, Director of Smart Medical Management, Prof. Min-Yuh Day, Prof. Huai-Sheng Huang, Prof. Kai-Hung Liao, Prof. Chia-Chang Tsai, Chung-Yi Cheng, PhD student in Business Administration, Prof. Yu-Shan Chen, current Dean, and Prof. Hsiang-Lin Chih, former Dean, regularly report the special research, ABC-ATEC decision-making team, Chairman Hsu, President Fan, Executive VP Hsu and Special Assistant Hsu have participated in the discussion, rapid decision-making, can be said to be fruitful, their research reports have been adopted to become the implementation of many projects, details are as follows:

In recent years, network transmission efficiency and security have been emphasized. The 5G campus network project led by Prof. Huai-Sheng Huang, with its edge computing technology, allows 5G network computing and storage resources to be deployed on edge devices. This design not only shortens transmission time and improves network efficiency, but also provides better security and privacy protection. This project, in combination with the ERP SAP upgrade program of ABC-ATEC, will provide a solid foundation for the company’s digital transformation.

The metaverse issue continues to heat up, and the related research at NTPU includes various aspects of environmental protection and business operations. In environmental aspect, The “NTPU X ABC TAIWAN A META_NFT Value-Added Community Proposal”, led by Professor Chia-Chang Tsai, has encouraged residents of the surrounding communities in the Sanxia campus of NTPU to actively participate in environmental protection activities, and ABC-ATEC will provide various incentives to participants to promote environmental protection activities and achieve corporate social responsibility and environmental goals. In business operation aspect, ABC-ATEC has been actively assessing new production base in Vietnam. As Vietnamese is not a common language, ABC-ATEC utilize the “Metaverse AI Multimodal Cross-Language Task-Oriented Dialogue System” project led by Professor Min-Yuh Day to provide instant and convenient communication between personnel during the investment period and future factory operations using new technologies such as AI, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Finally, President Fan said that the industry-academia cooperation between ABC-ATEC and NTPU will assist the university to deepen its research energy, and allow ABC-ATEC to strengthen its forward-looking technology layout and bring more efficient solutions and services to customers. In the future, both will continue to maintain a close relationship and work together to promote and implement new ideas in technology innovation.

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ABC-ATEC and NTPU Joint R&D Center was opened for cooperation on multifacedted R&D projects | Premier Manufacturer of High-Quality Power Inductors | ABC ATEC

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