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ABC Greenhouse Gas Emission

Greenhouse Gas Emission

Group-wide Greenhouse Gas Inventory Results

Climate change is already a climate emergency, and in order to meet the stakeholders' requirements for carbon disclosure, ABC has launched a group-wide greenhouse gas inventory program to grasp the carbon emission status of each operation site and gradually realize the vision of low carbon operations.
In accordance with ISO 14064-1:2018, the Company adopted the operation control right method and conducted an inventory according to the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Assessment Report (AR6) of the relevant greenhouse gas inventory (GHC), which includes direct, indirect and other greenhouse gas emissions.
Greenhouse gas Inventory.

In 2021, ABC Group completed the greenhouse gas inventory for its Taiwan plants. In 2022, we took further steps by implementing ISO 14064 at the Shanghai Plant, Guangzhou Plant, and Malaysia Plant, and successfully passed third-party verifications. We have achieved the target set by the FSC to complete the greenhouse gas inventory for the parent company, domestic, and overseas subsidiaries of all publicly listed companies by 2027. This process helps us identify the main sources of carbon emissions within ABC Group. The results of the 2022 Group-wide inventory are as follows. The data was verified externally in June 2023, and Category 2 purchased electricity was identified as the main source of carbon emissions.
Compared to the previous year, emissions decreased by 193 tCO2e per year in 2022. The reasons for this emission reduction include the cessation of stamping production at our Yangmei Plant 1 in Taiwan in August 2022 and the temporary shutdown of our Shanghai Plant in April and May 2022 (due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions), resulting in a complete halt in operations, thus contributing to the decrease in carbon emission.

Greenhouse gas inventory certificate

ABC 2022 Greenhouse Gas Inventory Certificate ABC 2021 Greenhouse Gas Inventory Certificate

ABC's Carbon Reduction Roadmap

ABC has set 2021 as the base year for the inventory. In the future, it will continue to track the greenhouse gas emissions of each operating site, set carbon reduction goals and propose corresponding carbon reduction strategies, and gradually use renewable energy. Currently, ABC-AETC has planned to start in 2023 To introduce the use of renewable energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce climate risks, ABC-AETC has set medium- and long-term goals for greenhouse gas reduction: with 2021 as the base year, the group's carbon reduction in 2030 will be reduced by more than 42% compared with the base year, and the annual reduction is more than 4.2%, and it is expected to reduce emissions by more than 2,901.46 tCO2e by 2030 compared with the base year.

ABC Carbon Reduction Roadmap

Greenhouse Gas Emission | Premier Manufacturer of High-Quality Power Inductors | ABC ATEC

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