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Occupational Health and Safety Management

Occupational Health and Safety Committee

ABC Group adheres to Chapter 3 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, which pertains to safety and health management. It formulates an Occupational Safety and Health Management Plan and establishes safety and health organizations and personnel. ABC Group implements safety and health management in accordance with the management approach outlined in ISO 45001:2018 across all its facilities. In Taiwan, ABC factory plants employ a total of 229 managerial staff and 6 non-employees (security personnel) as part of its occupational safety and health management efforts.

Occupational Health and Safety Committee Composition Ratio
To ensure the safety and rights of employees, ABC Group has established Occupational Safety and Health Committees in all its factories. These committees consist of representatives from both labor and management; their responsibilities include providing recommendations on occupational safety and health policies proposed by the employer, reviewing, coordinating, and advising on occupational safety and health-related matters, formulating, planning, supervising, and promoting safety and health management, and guiding the relevant departments in implementation.

Table: Occupational Health and Safety Committee Composition Ratio

SiteTaiwan FactoryGuangzhou FactoryShanghai FactoryMalaysia Factory
Total employee count229372188282
Total number of the committee members2048810
Total number of the labor representatives6834
Ratio (number of labor representative/total number of committee members)30%17%38%40%
Ratio (labor representative/total number of all employees)2.62%2.15%1.6%1.42%
  • The total number of employees is based on the data provided by the Human Resources Department, and the headcount is effective as of December 31.

Occupational Health and Safety Management | Premier Manufacturer of High-Quality Power Inductors | ABC ATEC

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