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Contractor Occupational Safety and Health Management | We offer customization services for inductors, transformers, connector thermal solutions, and mechanical parts.

Contractor Occupational Safety and Health Management

ABC has a set of "Contractor Safety and Health Management Policy" in place to ensure the safety of contractors' work activities while at the same time prevent occupational hazard and pollution. Contractors are informed of safety and health awareness issues, notified of potential hazards, and instructed to comply with Occupational Safety and Health Act, environmental protection laws, and internal policies on environmental protection, safety, and health before performing work activities on plant premises. Contractors are required to conduct thorough inspections of the work site and work equipment on a daily basis over the course of contracted work. Any high-risk work activities have to be applied three days in advance. Coordination meetings are held from time to time to communicate with contractors on government laws, updates of plant premises, audit outcomes, improvement suggestions, and work-related requirements, and thereby prevent accidents and personnel injury. The total number of hours worked by the contractor in 2022 was 347.5, and there were no incidents of permanent injuries, partial permanent injuries, or temporary injuries during their operations.

Contractor Occupational Safety and Health Management | Premier Manufacturer of High-Quality Power Inductors | ABC ATEC

ABC ATEC, established in 1979 in Yangmei, Taiwan, is a premier manufacturer of high-quality inductors. Our extensive product range includes chokes, filters, chip inductors, power inductors, common chokes, and RF inductors. With more than four decades of experience in the industry, we have developed and possess key production technologies and numerous patents, positioning us at the forefront of innovation and quality in inductor manufacturing.

With 45 years of expertise in professional inductor design and manufacturing, we offer tailored services for inductors, transformers, connector, thermal solutions, and mechanical partts. Our solutions cater to various sectors including automotive, industry, telecommunications, medical and consumer electronics applications. We are proud to have achieved IATF16949 Quality Certification, ensuring the highest standards in our products. Additionally, we continuously innovate, holding key production technologies and patents to enhance our offerings.

ABC ATEC has been offering customers efficient power inductors since 1979. With both advanced technology and 45 years of experience, ABC ATEC always ensures to meet each customer's demands.