Automotive Shielded Molded Power Inductor MCH1040 & MCE1145 New Product Introduction | Leading Manufacturer of Advanced Inductors | ABC ATEC

Shielded Molded Power Inductor MCH1040MCH1145 Series | We offer customization services for inductors, transformers, connector thermal solutions, and mechanical parts.

Shielded Molded Power Inductor MCH1040MCH1145 Series

Automotive Shielded Molded Power Inductor MCH1040 & MCE1145 New Product Introduction

Molded inductors often exhibit superior durability and reliability when compared to assembled shielded inductors and epoxy resin shielded inductors. Consequently, they prove highly suitable for deployment in rugged or challenging environments.

25 Jun, 2024

ABC MCH1040 and MCE1145 series molded power inductors are suitable for high-temperature environments (up to 125°C). These inductors can handle high transient current spikes without saturation and the composite construction provides effective noise reduction. MCH1040 series molded inductor provide excellent magnetic shielding while metal cover is added for MCE1145 series further enhance EMI reduction. The powder molded construction also allows the coil to be more tightly covered, reducing the generation of gaps and brings advantages of low resistance, high current and high saturation.

MCH1040 and MCE1145 series apply two wire separate winding and combine auto winding and spot welding in one manufacturing machine, which escalate production stability. Additionally, these inductors are halogen free and RoHS compliant. They are ideal for applications such as DC-DC converters, power supplies, lighting, filtering circuit and power devices require high current.

MCH1040 and MCE1145 series are also coupled inductor which is a type of inductor that features two or more coils wound on a common magnetic core in such way that the magnetic flux generated by one coil induces a voltage in the other coil(s). This magnetic coupling allows energy transfer between the coils, and it is a key component in various electronic circuits, particularly in transformers, filters, and switched-mode power supplies

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Automotive Shielded Molded Power Inductor MCH1040 & MCE1145 New Product Introduction | Premier Manufacturer of High-Quality Power Inductors | ABC ATEC

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