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19 Jan, 2024
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    【Towards net zero transformation, Building sustainable competitiveness】 ABC-ATEC first solar power supply system for self-consumption officially launched
    19 Jan, 2024

    The world is currently facing carbon reduction issues from international trends, local government regulations, and supply chain requirements. This is not only a global challenge but also a responsibility that companies should undertake. As a member of the global supply chain, ABC-ATEC recognizes the importance of sustainability and actively sets carbon reduction goals to address global carbon challenges and implement low-carbon objectives.

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    Welcome Vice President Lai Visit ABC Factory For Our Excellent Investment In Taiwan
    03 Aug, 2023

    Welcome Vice President Lai visit ABC factory for our excellent investment in Taiwan In 2018, ABC opened the second new Yangmei plant, and the following year, it passed the loan of the investment review project in Taiwan to produce automotive components such as Common Mode filters and molded power inductors, and has shown excellent performance with revenue increased by 22% in 2022. Vice President cares about industrial development and visit ABC factory in the beginning of this month (June) with a lot of attention and encouragement.

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    ABC-ATEC and NTPU Joint R&D Center was opened for cooperation on multifacedted R&D projects
    28 Jun, 2023

    In addition to providing high quality products and helping customers to strengthen their competitiveness, ABC-ATEC Group, a major manufacturer of inductive components, is also committed to corporate social responsibility. Recently, we have established a R&D center in cooperation with National Taipei University(NTPU) to bring more innovative value to the society through talent cultivation and technology development. “The opening ceremony of the joint R&D center “ was held on June 21 at NTPU’s Sanxia campus. ABC-ATEC Chairman Mr. Joseph Hsu, went to the U.S. on business, therefore, the opening ceremony was represented by the President of ABC-ATEC, Mr. Francis Fan, along with the President of NTPU, Distinguished Prof. Chen-Jai Lee, who co-chaired the ceremony. ABC-ATEC President Fan said that resources and talents are the key to technological innovation, which requires the joint efforts of industry and academic institutions, and that the establishment of this R&D center can combine the professional knowledge of academia and the practical experience of industry of ABC-ATEC to create a win-win situation for both industry and academia.

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    ABC-ATEC released Its first quarter financial report in response to the demand for vehicles, and will adopr a global layout strategy
    31 May, 2023

    On May 26, ABC-ATEC, a major manufacturer of inductive components, held the first quarter of 2023 investor's conference, which was attended by Chairman Joseph Hsu, General Manager Francis Fan, and Executive Vice President and Spokesman Tommy Hsu, and explained ABC's recent expansion plan, market changes and future prospects.

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    President Fan represented ABC-ATEC group to attend the "2023 International Conference on Business Administration (ICBA)"
    12 May, 2023

    On May 12th, on behalf of ABC-ATEC Group, President Fan was the guest speaker at the 2023 International Conference on Business Administration at National Taipei University(NTPU).

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    ABC-ATEC Electronic Group SAP S/4 Upgrade Project Kick-Off Meeting
    21 Apr, 2023

    ABC-ATEC Electronics Group held a kick-off meeting for upgrading SAP S/4HANA project on the 20th. By upgrading SAP's core systems and reorganizing processes, we will accelerate the Group's digital transformation and enhance the flexibility and competitiveness of its global layout, especially by connecting to the cloud and establishing a ABC enterprise cloud network to "realize cloud monitoring, as well as online video process analysis and improvement".

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    ABC-ATEC Electronics Group Supports Ditmanson Mdeical Foundation Chia - Yi Christian Hospital
    26 Sep, 2022

    ABC-ATEC Electronics Group approved the sixth proposal of the Management Committee: "Donation of NT$1,000,000 to Ditmanson Medical Foundation Chia-Yi Christian Hospital for the construction of the Smart Surgery Building on July 26, 2022.

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