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Intellectual Property Management

Intellectual property management reference indicators

Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies Article 37-2 stipulates that the Board of Directors should evaluate and supervise the management direction and performance of the intellectual property of listed companies in the following aspects to ensure that the company "plans and executes inspection actions" ” management cycle and establish an intellectual property system.

  • Develop intellectual property management policies and goals related to operational strategies. Establish, implement, and maintain a management system for the acquisition, protection, maintenance, and use of intellectual property based on scale and type.
  • Determine and provide resources sufficient to effectively implement and maintain the intellectual property management system.
  • Observe internal and external risks or opportunities related to intellectual property management and take corresponding measures.
  • Plan and implement continuous improvement mechanisms to ensure that the operation and effectiveness of the intellectual property management system meet company expectations
  • Intellectual property management

The company's intellectual property-related matters shall be reported to the board of directors at least once a year. The most recent report was made by the board of directors on April 19, 2012, and the content is as follows:
In order to encourage the company's employees to uphold the concept of continuous innovation and work improvement and carry forward this culture, increase employees' willingness to participate, protect business confidentiality and R&D results, maintain industrial ethics and competitive order, and value and accumulate intellectual property rights to enhance company competition Strengthen the power and specify "Intellectual Property Rights Management Measures" for compliance.

1.Patent protection and management
● The company cooperates with various technology research and development, inspection and process projects to carry out patent layout to enhance the company's product value and profitability.
● Provide bonus incentives to patent proposers during the stages of patent acquisition, including development research, patent proposal, patent approval, promotion and application, and benefit evaluation, and list them as references for employee performance evaluation to stimulate patent proposals; at the same time, hire professional patent technicians to assist Review and submit intellectual property application documents to increase the chances of approval by the Intellectual Property Bureau.
● During the research and development process, we will also entrust a patent law firm to conduct patent searches for related technologies and conduct patent layout to reduce the company's risk of infringement.
● Currently, an external patent firm is entrusted to manage the application, maintenance and document control of intellectual property rights, so that engineering design, inspection and measurement, and process improvement personnel can clearly understand the company's progress in developing intellectual property rights.

2.Business secret protection and management
The company and all employees have signed an "employment contract", in which the provisions related to the protection of business secrets are as follows:

● Employees should keep and maintain the confidentiality of business secrets with the care of a good manager.
● Employees employed by our company are not allowed to disclose or use business secrets owned by their former employers.
● Any job-related business secrets completed by employees during their tenure shall belong to the company.
● After employees leave their jobs, they should still abide by the obligation of confidentiality and not leak any business secrets. They are not allowed to use the company's business secrets within one year, and they reserve the right to legally trace and compensate the company for losses.

Intellectual Property Rights Management and Implementation
The company filed its first patent application in 1991, and began to promote intellectual property rights management plans and issue intellectual property rights management measures in 2010.
As of the end of 2022, all the company’s intellectual property results are as follows:

● Applications submitted: 118, number of certificates received: 80 (9 of which are still valid)
● Quantity under application: 1 piece

2.Trademarks: 39 in total (13 countries)

Intellectual Property Management | Premier Manufacturer of High-Quality Power Inductors | ABC ATEC

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