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Remuneration Committee

The Company's Remuneration Committee was formally established and announced on 28 December 2011, faithfully perform the following duties and submit the suggestions to the Board of Directors for discussion.
Formulate and regularly review policies, systems, standards and structures for performance evaluation and salary remuneration of directors, supervisors and managers.
Regularly evaluate and determine the remuneration of directors and managers.
There are three members of the current salary and remuneration committee, and their term is from June 9, 2012 to June 8, 2015.

List of the 5th Salary and Remuneration Committee:

Job TitleNameMain academic qualificationsMain Experience
ConvenerWang YungChengProfessor and Dean of General Affairs, College of Business Administration, National Chung Hsing University Professor, Department of Business Administration, National Taipei UniversityProfessor at National Chung Hsing University and Director of Law and Business School
Professor of Business Administration, National Taipei University
Member of ABC-AETC Audit Committee and Remuneration Committee
MemberYue Shan ChangInstitute of Computer Science and EngineeringDean of College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, National Taivan Unuversity
Distinguished Professor of Departnent of Computer Science and Information Engineering,  National Taipei University
MemberHuang TungTsuPh.D. in Sociology from The Ohio State UniversityInstitute of Human Resource Management, National Central University

The Salary and Remuneration Committee met three times in 2022 (A). The qualifications and attendance of the members are as follows:

TitleNameActual attendance rate (B)Attendanc e by proxyActual attendance rate (%) (B/A)
ConvenerWang Yung-Cheng30100.00
Committee memberWu Sen-Tian2066.66
Committee memberHuang Tung-Tsun30100.00

Minutes of proceedings of the Remuneration Committee

YearTimeContents of proceedingsMeeting conclusion
20221/242021nd bonus payment basis and manager year-end bonus payment caseApprove
3/30Total number of director’s remuneration and employee remuneration cases and payment method in 2021Approve
8/9Amendment to "Measures for Allocation of Employee Remuneration"The positions of deputy general manager and assistant manager were revised to deputy general manager (including special assistant) and assistant manager (including special assistant), and the senior specialist/engineer was revised to senior specialist/senior engineer. The rest were reviewed and approved by all members present.
Amendment to the "Managers' Compensation Management Measures"Approve
2021 annual manager remuneration distribution planApprove
Directors’ remuneration distribution plan for 2021Approve
Manager salary adjustment caseApprove
20231/162022 year-end bonus payment basis and manager year-end bonus payment caseApprove
3/9Total number of directors’ remuneration and employee remuneration cases and payment methods in 2022Approve
8/9Proposal to elect the convener ofthe fifth Salary and Remuneration CommitteeIndependent director Wang Yung-Cheng was elected as the convener and chairman of the meeting
Review the 2022 manager employee remuneration distribution planApprove
Consideration of the remuneration distribution plan for directors and supervisors in 2022Approve

Remuneration Committee | Premier Manufacturer of High-Quality Power Inductors | ABC ATEC

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