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Industry-academia Cooperation between ABC and National Taipei University

Talent is the foundation of everything. In response to the demand for industry talent, ABC Group supports the exchange and cooperation between schools and industries. Especially in the rapidly fluctuating passive component market, mastering market dynamics has become a crucial factor for continued survival in the industry. ABC Group has signed several industry-academia cooperation projects with National Taipei University to conduct industry-academia cooperation in AOI, AI and IM and to promote the "Long-term Technology Talent Cultivation Industry-Academia Cooperation Program", with the goal of smart, unmanned chemical plant production and effective utilization of industry-academia research resources to integrate academic research with practical applications in the industry.
Innovative Technology and R&D
ABC Group and National Taipei University will jointly implement the "Metaverse Concept Utilization", a five-year industry-academia cooperation program from June 1, 2022 to May 31, 2027. During the program period, both sides will explore the metaverse market and new business opportunities through regular meetings and discussions. Furthermore, external experts will also be invited to give lectures or participate in panel discussions to stimulate diverse discussions and generate new ideas.
ABC has also partnered with National Taipei University to establish the "ABC- National Taipei University Joint Research Center." The unveiling ceremony took place on June 21, 2023, at National Taipei University's Sanxia Campus. This center will assist the university in deepening its research capabilities while enabling ABC to strengthen its forward-looking technological layout. It aims to provide customers with more efficient solutions and services. In the future, both parties will maintain a close relationship to jointly promote and implement innovative thinking in technology.

ABC-AETC 's New Opportunity - Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC)

As the penetration rate of 5G cell phones increases and the widespread adoption of Wi-Fi, the supply-demand gap for LTCC for RF components continues to grow. With the advent of the 5G era for smartphones, the usage of LTCC components has increased exponentially compared to the 4G era. The number of LTCC components used has risen from approximately three to five components in the 4G era to ten to eighteen components in the 5G era, representing a growth of around 30%. This increase in LTCC component usage is further propelled by the rising demand for communication equipment and base stations, contributing to a substantial increase in LTCC demand. LTCC is used in automotive communications for applications such as autonomous driving and infotainment, including tire pressure monitoring, EV battery status and charging information, keyless vehicle tracking and anti-theft systems, contributing to its increasing surge in demand. Development related to the Metaverse requires high signal transmission of a large amount of data and low latency. Meta and Apple's new products both support Wi-Fi 6E, and Sony's PS5 VR device supports Wi-Fi 6. The use of the latest Wi-Fi standards is a basic requirement for improving the wireless experience of head-mounted displays. New product applications utilize Bluetooth or Wi-Fi communication, such as smart water meters, smart electricity meters, shoes, boxing gloves, and even electronic cigarettes (vapes), all of which can leverage LTCC components to enhance added value.
ABC-AETC has accumulated four major types of LTCC RF products: 1. Filter; 2. Diplexer; 3. Directional Coupler; and 4. Power Divider. This year, ABC-AETC has also decided to invest resources to establish its own production line to further develop materials and processes. Sampling and production will begin in 2024. Expectations are that the new LTCC products will bring another wave of growth to the Company, moving towards its goal of  "NT$10 Billion in Revenue Within the Next Decade."
Innovative Technology and R&D