Company Profile

The Story of ABC Logo


Chairman & CEO Joseph Hsu

ABC was founded with a dream of building “Remote Control Toy - Remote Control Airplane, Boat and Car”. The founders named this new company ABC(Airplane, Boat and Car) and also designed the logoABC which we kept using till today.

The estimated tooling expense of our first remote control car design was about all the capital we raised. After serious discussion, the 10 founders decided to return to what they know best, the inductors. Although the initial dream is not realized, we are still doing a good job making inductor our core business. ABC the name represents the passion and dream of the founders

Before our stock went public in Taiwan Gretai Securities (OCT) Market in 2004, I set the goal of going public as “to be evaluated by the investing general public and regards it as driving force for continuous growth. I am always thinking about how to maintain the continuous growth. In a business trip to USA in September 2004, I am searching for a positive and new definition of ABC. The result is : A – Ambition & Enthusiasm; B – Best; C – Capability & Competitiveness. I also gave a new meaning to ABC logo to represent the new spirit and operation model of ABC.

I drew three circles that represent each of the definitions. The picture is as below. The circle cross each other and AB&C will become the new spirit of ABC.

I hope the new AB&C spirit will encourage us to ask ourselves frequently - ”what kind of product and strategy can inspire determination and create passion?”; “what kind of product can be the best of the world?”; “what kind of target can drive ABC for further growth?”.The three questions will be the backbone of steady and powerful drive force for self improvement of ABC.