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Glazing Metalize Terminal

Ferrite body coating with glazing paste is intermediate material between ferrite & silver past, through high temp sintering and Nickel & Tin plaiting cover sequenced on the suface. This glazing metalize terminal offer strong bonding strength & high reliability.


Micro porous ceramic

Apply low temp sintering process produce micro porous ceramic heat sink with Light weight , larger surface area & high insulation advantages compare with traditional alumina alloy heat sink. Improving the surface construction of silicon-carbide particle & hydrophilic binder agent to reduce solvent usage, lower sintering temp & energy consumptions.


Precision Auto-winding

Use oxide alumina ceramic as coil bobbin apply high precision winding machine programmable by soft ware can do winding by spaced or closed align. Offer high quality high frequency wire wound RF chip inductor.


Toroid Auto- Bifilar-Winding

Set up mini toroid core auto winding equipment is programmable by soft ware with two windings in bifilar or separate model which get even wire arrange onto mini toroid core for common mode filter offer eexcellent frequency response for EMI suppression.


Magnetics Glue Coating

Magnetics powder ball-mill become several hundred nano-meter particle can even mixed with resin. Use this magnetic glue coating on the outside of open magnetic path through power inductor offer reasonable shielded effect in low cost add on.


Plastic Molding Package

Multi cavity molded package wire wound chip inductor with semiconductor grade high quality engineering plastic offer high precision package dimensions & excellent reliability RF chip inductor.