Welfare System

Employee Benefit and subsidy

Human beings are the most valuable assets to ABC. To give each employee future stable establishment, growth is our persistence target. We are to help each employee to accumulate their working capability, knowledge, living and health. Also to create an environment for self-learning and development.

  • Employee Bonus Shares
  • Labor Insurance /Employee Group Insurance
  • Employee Annual Leave
  • Employee Medical Check-Up
  • Company Trip
  • Company Dinning
  • Seasons & Birthday Gift
  • Congratulatory & Condolence Benefit
  • Fertility Incentive
  • Child Scholarship
  • Job training grants


New Employee Training

Training before occupation and training in departments, cultivate the new employees of basic knowledge, understand the company policy and master their duties in very short time.

Skillful Training

Includes core function, management function and professional function, base on these functions to launch as learning sketch for the employees and to integrated closely with company growth.

Projects Training

Coordinate with company policy and annual targets, designated staffs, specify objectives in their professional training, strengthen employees working capabilities and company’s competitive ability.

On Job Training

Mangers will assign duty and projects to fellow workers on the basis of specialty and task orientation.

Oversea Benchmarking

Assign staffs overseas for technical exchange, widen eyesight and possess international broad-minded.

Carrier Enhancement

Encourage staffs to further their education to become a competent person in both theory and practice.