Happiness and Health Workplace

Occupational Health Services

The physical and mental health of employees is a key indicator of corporate sustainability. ABC conducts health checks for new employees, and after one year of employment, employees are scheduled for regular health check-ups, exceeding current regulations. ABC provides special health examinations to workers engaging in particularly hazardous workplaces (such as noisy, dust, and ionizing radiation workplaces). Adequate medical information is provided for individual cases that require follow-up management after being examined and determined by the doctor. ABC's occupational doctors and nurses visit the factories in Taiwan headquarters six times a month and arrange at least 2 hours of health-related activities. The content includes the analysis and guidance of health check-up results, health education, health counseling and assessment, health promotion, assessment and improvement suggestions for workplace environment, assessment of resumption of work/transfer after injury or illness, regular reporting to employers, and suggestions for labor health services to maintain employee health. In 2022, the number of general health check-ups was 178, with an achievement rate of 100%. The number of special health check-ups was 39, with an achievement rate of 100%.

Table. Occupational Health Service Examination Personnel Statistics


Types of Health ExaminationNumber of employees to undergo health examination (people)Number of employees actually examined (people)
General Health Examination178178
Health Examination for Dusty Workplaces2828
Health Examination for Ionizing
Radiation Workplaces
Health Examination for Noisy Workplaces88
Long-Term Night Shift Workers00
Other examinations1212
  1. Other health examinations include that for noisy workplaces, soldering and welding operations, high temperature operations, laser printing operations, and for electrical engineering operations.
  2. The disclosure boundary covers Taiwan Plant 1 and 2, Shanghai Plant, and Malaysia Plant. ABC’s Guangzhou Plant did not organize health examinations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Occupational Disease Prevention

As a response to rules concerning the prevention of new occupational illnesses stated in the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the Company has implemented new measures accordingly to protect maternity health, prevent physical or mental abuse while performing duty, and prevent illnesses associated with shift, night-time working, long-hour working, and abnormal workload. No incident of occupational illness occurred in 2022. Relevant measures are as follows:

Table: Health Care and Counseling Services Statistical Table


ItemsNumber of people benefiting
Health Care
Occupational Health Services9/22 Health and Diet Seminar: "My Healthy Plate"56
10/11 Mental Health Seminar: "Discovering Hidden Factors of Depression"20
Maternal Health Care1
Health Counseling Services
Number of counseling sessions delivered93

Note: The disclosure boundary covers Taiwan Plant 1 and 2