Company Profile

AB&C the development and management model

AB&C Definition

Ambition & Enthusiasm
Capability & Competitiveness

The inner circle of ABC

  • The inner circle of AB and C provide the most effective alternative and best solution.
  • Good product without passion is in vain.
  • Good strategy without passion is just paper work.
  • Without the good economic result, passion and good product is just only hard working.
  • Find the right strategy with all A, B and C. We will continue to grow and be profitable. From A to A+.

From 0 to 1

  • Do we still have the passion and ambition to be the top 1 wirewoud inductor manufacture in Taiwan.
  • Niche market is hard to maintain. How to face the competition and go advance?
  • How to face the cost competition from market follower?
  • Depend on manual labor. How to achieve quality and efficiency?
  • Information system does not fit for prompt and synchronized decision making and action.
  • Lack the design in capability for top tier customer. How to develop and deploy?

From A to A+

  • Merchandise innovated material to gain competiveness.
  • New MPC thermal solution with detail application for the market.
  • From inductor to related component, from new material to mechanical parts, we will develop top product.
  • Initialize project FTDI and design with the top tier customer.
  • Continue MODI project. Design from the origin.
  • Multiple R&D center with localized marketing.

What’s the top products?

  • MPC-based Thermal Solution?
  • MPC Plate?
  • Improved Glazing Base Power Inductor?
  • Fecera Application?
  • EMI Gel Applications?
  • Electronics component that is driven by inductor technology? What's is this component?

What is the index that push ABC economics engine?

Numeric AB & C Model

I Main
  • B.New product ration/C. profit per head(=EPS)
  • A.Passionate professionals/C. profit per head(Marketing, R&D, Planning)
II Supplement
  • A.Numbers of top product/ C. profit per head
  • A.successful strategy/C. profit per head