Sustainable Governance

Management Organization Structure

Shareholder structure

ABC's shareholder structure as of April 11, 2022, on the book closure date before the 2022 Annual General Shareholders' Meeting, is as follows:
Domestic natural persons:79.53%
Foreign institutions and foreigners:15.84%
Other corporate entities:4.63%

Audit Committee

ABC assembled its Audit Committee in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Act during the 2020 Annual General Shareholders' Meeting, at which time the Company’s supervisors were relieved from duty. The Audit Committee is composed of three independent directors. The Audit Committee is responsible for supervising fair presentation of the Company's financial statements, appointment/ dismissal and independence/performance review of financial statement auditors, implementation of an internal control system, compliance with relevant laws and rules, and management/control of existing or potential risks.
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Remuneration Committee

The Compensation Committee of ABC is composed of 3 members. The term of office of the Compensation Committee is from August 11, 2020 to June 22, 2023, and the Compensation Committee convened four times in FY2022. The main responsibilities of the committee are to set and regularly review performance evaluation compensation policies, systems, standards, and structures of directors and managers, and regularly assess and determine managers', directors', and supervisors' compensation.
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