Corporate Governance
The board of directors of ABC passed a set of "Business Integrity Code of Conduct" in 2015. Directors, customers, and suppliers engaging in commercial activities shall not directly or indirectly offer, promise to offer, request, or accept any improper benefits in any form or name. Terms and conditions of ethical corporate management shall be clearly specified in the contract to implement fair, equal, and integrity principles to further protect all stakeholders. The Company has incorporated ethical corporate management into employees' behavioral guidelines. Employees have been asked to sign the "Employee Integrity Commitment Letter" since 2021, and 100% of the workforce has signed the commitment to date. Anti-corruption training courses are being organized, and no incident of bribery or corruption occurred in 2021.
Ethical Corporate Management

1.Governing unit refers to the board of directors; the Chairman, the General Manager, and 2 deputy general managers were listed as senior managers.
2.Disclosure boundary: Taiwan Yangmei Plant 1 and 2, and does not include expatriate staff.
ABC has set up internal and external grievance channels and procedures to protect its reputation. A complaint/suggestion mailbox and hotline have been made available to prevent illegal, unethical, and dishonest conduct that may compromise the interests of shareholders, employees, and business partners (suppliers). A stakeholder section has been created on the Company's website to be used as a communication channel for stakeholders' suggestions, queries, and disputes to ensure the right of the stakeholders. In addition, the Company has established the "Regulations Governing Handling Reports of Illegal and Unethical Conduct by Internal and External Personnel" to protect whistleblowers and to regulate confidentiality and reward and punishment mechanisms. There were no reported items in 2021.