Sustainable Environment

Environmental Policy

ABC profoundly acknowledges that enterprises must co-exist with the land to prosper. In order to protect the global environment and fulfill its corporate social responsibility, ABC introduced an environmental management system at its headquarters in Taiwan in 2007, and will release a new version of our environmental policy in January 2021. Furthermore, the Group has outlined its future blueprint for environmental protection: "We uphold the spirit of compliance with environmental regulations, pollution prevention, sustainable resource use, and continuous improvement in management. Through the participation of all employees in the environmental management system, we are fulfilling our social responsibility, enhancing our corporate image and ensuring sustainable management." Through these actions, we will develop quantitative goals and discuss implementation directions to ensure the achievement of environmental policies and goals, and make efforts and contributions to the global environment
All of the Group's operational sites have been gradually introduced into its environmental management system and obtained ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system certification. The Taiwan Yangmei Plant 2 was certified by a 3rd party in 2019, the Guangzhou and Malaysia plants in 2020, and the Shanghai plant in 2021. Through the regular PDCA cycle review performance mechanism of its environmental management system, the Group is set to achieve its commitment to green operations and sustainable development.
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                                                                                ISO 14001 certificate expiration date: May 30, 2025
Enviromental Policy
AES ISO 14001 certificate expiration date: April 28, 2024
Enviromental Policy
AGZ ISO 14001 certificate expiration date: Jan 16, 2026
Enviromental Policy
AOBA ISO 14001 certificate expiration date: Otc 16, 2023