Social Contribution

Sponsorship of the Reconstruction of Zhongshan Fude Temple in Zhongshan Village

Zhongshan Fude Temple in Zhongshan Village is dedicated to the Earth God and represents one of the most widespread folk beliefs in Taiwan. Located near ABC Taiwan headquarters, the temple required extensive renovation. ABC sponsored this local temple and Chairman Hsu attended the beam-raising ceremony. ABC hopes that after the completion of the temple, it will contribute to the local development and harmony within the peaceful atmosphere.

Sponsorship of the 48th Graduation Ceremony of Rei Yuan Junior High School

ABC supports the inheritance of local indigenous culture, focusing on long-term support for Rei Yuan Junior High School's various activities and Hakka language education. This support aims to enhance the younger generation's understanding of Hakka culture, promote local development, and encourage cultural and artistic activities. In addition, in the year 2022, ABC sponsored the 48th graduation ceremony of  Rei Yuan Junior High School, providing students with unforgettable graduation memories and contributing to the development of both the Company and the local school.