Social Contribution

Ghosts and Hells: The underworld in Asian Art

ASupport Arts and Cultural ActivitiesBC has long been actively promoting cultural and artistic activities. In 2022, we sponsored the Tainan Art Museum to organize the "Ghosts and Hells: The underworld in Asian Art." This exhibition extended from traditional cultural artifacts and artworks to the latest creations in popular culture. It aimed to introduce Asia's fears and imagination regarding the unknown world while incorporating a Taiwanese perspective. The exhibition highlighted Taiwanese folklore related to ghosts and spirits, aligning with the local temples and legendary stories in Tainan, and through artistic exhibits, aimed to showcase Taiwan's cultural values.

Persistence/Resistance: Taiwan – Canada Indigenous Art Exhibitio

The Canadian Trade Office in Taipei (CTOT) has a long history of collaboration and exchange with Taiwan's indigenous communities. They have decided to introduce the national collection of the Indigenous Art Centre, CIRNAC to Taiwan for sharing. ABC sponsored the "Persistence/Resistance: Taiwan – Canada Indigenous Art Exhibition" held at the Tainan Art Museum. With ABC's solid support, the exhibition aimed to gather artistic momentum in southern Taiwan and allow the public to gain insights into the development of indigenous art in Taiwan and Canada, showcasing the diverse creativity and vitality of indigenous art through the exhibition experience.

In Remembrance and Gratitude Concert

       ABC, deeply rooted in Taiwan, sponsored the "In Remembrance and Gratitude Concert" organized by the Taoyuan Philharmonic Orchestra. This event invited the public to commemorate three great figures of Hakka heritage in Taiwan: Chung Chao-cheng, Wei Ting-chao, and Chiu Chwei-liang. Through the beautiful sounds of Hakka music, attendees came together to remember these pioneers of our democratic society. The event also aimed to enhance public understanding of Taiwan's historical development and promote artistic literacy among the people.