Employee Care

Employee Salary

A comprehensive salary structure and welfare system are one of important factors in keeping outstanding employees. ABC has specially planned a salary and welfare system in compliance with the highly competitive market. Employee salary and remuneration cover basic salary (including basic pay, food allowance, transportation allowance, and numerous special duty allowances), performance rewards, bonuses, and year-end bonuses. Meanwhile, the Company's HR Department carries out a regular salary review based on related indicators such as market trends and the company’s operations in an effort to provide a competitive and attractive salary so that more and more talents are happy to join our big family.
Salaries are determined based on objective factors such as the type of duties, past work experience, and professional capabilities of new employees, and there are no differences in salary standards based on gender, race, religion, political stance, or marital status. The Company supports gender equality and it shows in its salary and remuneration system.
ABC Taiwan headquarters strives to appropriately reflect business performance or results in employee remuneration. According to Article 34 of the company's articles of incorporation, a distribution of 12% to 16% of profits is allocated as employee remuneration. This distribution is decided by the Board of Directors and can be in the form of stocks or cash. In 2022, the average employee salary cost was NT$767 thousand. There is a larger difference in the basic salary and average compensation ratio for managerial executives in 2022. This disparity is primarily due to higher salaries and compensation for high-ranking executive personnel, who are predominantly male, which contributes to the widening of the basic salary and compensation ratio.

Employee salary by gender – 2020~2022

Basic salaryAverage compensationBasic salaryAverage compensationBasic salaryAverage compensation
Non-managerial staff10.8911.0710.9410.9511.0111
Managerial staff10.7610.8710.8411.0010.2610.22
Note: Base salary refers to approved salary; average salary refers to base salary plus other bonuses.

2020~2022 Full-time General Employee Salary

YearAverage SalaryMedian salary
2020NT$707 thousandNT$526 thousand
2021NT$685 thousandNT$571 thousand
2022NT$767 thousandNT$587 thousand
Difference from the previous year12%2.8%

Note: The information in this table is sourced from the MOPS and was publicly disclosed in early July 2023.

Employee Benefits Measures

ABC is a well-established business with 44 years of history. Aside from providing numerous insurance benefits and pension contribution, the Company also offers group insurance, employee training, scholarships for children of employees, and childbirth allowances that are better than what the law prescribes, and organizes a variety of activities to boost employee morale at work.
Table: Employee Benefit Measures of ABC
Welfare Committee AllowancesABC provides various allowances and subsidies for different purposes, including gift vouchers (cash) for the Lunar New Year, birthday gifts, subsidies for weddings, bereavement, celebrations, educational advancement, Women's Day, continuing education, hospitalization, illness, childbirth, scholarships, employee trips, year-end team building activities, year-end benefits, and childbirth incentives. These allowances and subsidies are granted based on actual circumstances, and employees can apply for them accordingly.
Group InsuranceABC fully covers and plans comprehensive employee group insurance, which includes medical insurance, occupational accident insurance, accident insurance, major illness insurance, and cancer insurance.
On-the-job TrainingTo enhance the qualifications of ABC employees and improve the overall corporate structure, we encourage employees to pursue further education in professional knowledge and skills. In our Taiwan operations, we provide subsidies for employees' continuing education programs at universities during each academic year, following the "Regulations Governing the Subsidizing Employees' Continuing Education and Training." Additionally, we offer subsidies to employees for professional knowledge training based on the "Regulations Governing Education and Training Management." For our overseas operations, we have established an "Education and Training Operations Procedure" to provide training to employees, helping them enhance their skills and knowledge.
Employee HealthWe hold regular annual health checkups and special workplace hazard health checkups, employee self-health management programs, regular health seminars and drinking water quality inspections, regular annual health checkups for management personnel and occupational disease checkups for employees in hazardous worksites.
In 2022, during the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Guangzhou, the government conducted large-scale nucleic acid testing to manage the situation. Recognizing the challenges faced by our employees who had to queue for long hours (averaging 2-4 hours) for nucleic acid testing (PCR testing), ABC's management department coordinated with the local government to reserve exclusive testing slots for our employees. This initiative aimed to make the testing process more efficient and ensure that no one was missed in the testing efforts. From March to July, as the situation in Guangzhou became more severe, our priority was to protect our employees from infection. To achieve this, we worked with the local government to secure resources and arranged for mobile nucleic acid testing vehicles to enter ABC's premises. This allowed our employees to undergo nucleic acid testing without leaving the Company premises, reducing the risk of cross-infection associated with waiting in crowded testing queues outside
Care for Female EmployeesWe adjust night shifts for female employees during their pregnancy and apply for exclusive parking spaces for pregnant women. Pregnancy care measures and lactation rooms are provided at our Taiwan Factory with nursing staff stationed. At our Guangzhou factory, we provide lactating female employees with 1 hour of paid breastfeeding leave per day, as mandated by labor regulations. This leave is available until the child reaches one year of age. Employees can request specific time periods for their breastfeeding leave based on their individual needs and circumstances.
Pension SystemPensions are granted in accordance with laws and regulations and are divided into new and old systems. The old system is governed by the Labor Standards Act, while the new system is governed by the Labor Pension Act.