ESG Execution Unit

To manage corporate social responsibility initiatives, the Company's CEO Office has been assigned as a unit to oversee the promotion of CSR in compliance with Article 9 of the “Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles for TWSE/GTSM Listed Companies”. The unit is responsible for establishing CSR policies, systems, or related management approaches as well as proposing specific promotions and plans. The Board of Directors authorizes the top management team to handle economic, environmental, and social issues arising from operating activities. The execution status is reported to the Board each year to review the effectiveness and to make continuous improvement.

ESG Committee

As a means to enforce CSR while improving economy, society, and environmental sustainability, with the support of the top management team, the “CSR Committee” has been established in 2020. The Committee is dedicated to promoting CSR policies, systems, and specific promotion plans as well as reviewing the effectiveness of the implementation and making continuous improvement to ensure the implementation of CSR policies.
In line with the FSC's 2021 update of the "Corporate Governance 3.0-Sustainable Development Blueprint", the name of the current corporate social responsibility (CSR) report will be officially changed to "Sustainability Report/ESG Report" in 2021. In order to strengthen the disclosure of information on ESG issues of listed companies and deepen the company's sustainable governance , the committee changed its name to "ESG Committee" with the approval of all members on September 30, 2022.
The Chairman and President   serves as the “Chairperson” of the Committee; the members of the top management team as “Vice-Chairperson”; the CEO Office as the Executive Secretary. There are
5 working groups: “Corporate Governance Group,Supply Chain Sustainability Management Group,Environmental  Sustainability Group,Employee Caring Group and Social Welfare Group. Executive committee members of each group consist of related department supervisors and representatives appointed by these supervisors. The Committee is responsible for ESG issue plans, information collection, and goal setting concerning sustainable issues.

ESG Committee

ESG Committee Functions and Responsibilities

  • Supporting ESG actions and approving sustainable policies.
  • Serving as the Chair of the ESG Committee.
  • Major resolutions.
Vice Chairperson
  • Ex officio members report to the Board each year regarding ESG strategy and execution results.
Promotion Members
  • Served by department supervisors.
  • Appointing candidates for each executive representative.
  • Planning and monitoring the progress and effectiveness of each executive’s representative.
Executive Members
  • Carrying out various ESG project research and making improvements.
  • Executing ESG activities and meeting resolutions.
  • Providing recommendations and drafting feasible plans.
  • Enforcing commitment of senior management.
  • Fulfilling short and long-term ESG objectives.
ESG Executive Secretary
  • Ensuring continuous improvement.
  • Reporting to the ESG Committee and is responsible for the progress of promotion.
  • Responsible for convening Committee meetings and work coordination.
  • formulating and overseeing the execution of ESG policies.