ABC has extensive experiences on inductive components design and production over 30 years. Recently years focus on electronics & mechanical assembly design. Self development varies mold for stamping press and plastic molding. Offer the best choice for customer through the concept of total solution. Continually research & develop new technology & new process apply to better products & service. Also perfected production facilities to digital- programmable automatically equipments to upgrade production quality and production efficiency.


Inductive Components

Inductor is one of passive components which is transfer between electronic and magnetic & which resists changes in electric current passing through it. Energy is stored in the magnetic field in the inductor as long as current flows. When the current flowing through an inductor changes, the time-varying magnetic field induces a voltage in the conductor. Inductor can be application in the circuit of Buck DC-DC Converter, Boost DC-DC Converter, Filter, Impedance matching, EMI noise suppressor…


Micro-Porous Ceramic

Heat sink is application in CPU system & power component of electronics & electrical devices which is mediator of thermal dissipation, thermal isolation and thermal conduction. ABC’s MPC (Micro Pores Ceramic) heat sink use patent chemical process offer higher number micro pores inside of ceramic body offer lower heat capacity & excellent thermal dissipation characteristics. Compare with Fin shape metal alloy heat sink, ABC’s MPC heat sink offer low-profile, light weight & non-EMI solution for thermal management & reliable life of device.


Stamping & Plastic Molding

Mechanic parts are application in wide range in human’s life. For example electronics- electrical device, IT-Communication device, lead frame for component, bicycle, automotive, hardware… ABC through precision mold design offer upgrades manufacturing & processing. We will continual research high strength with light weight material for stamping parts & develop high speed with low temperature molding technical for plastic molding products.



TVGPU、SCALR、Demodulator IC
Network CommunicationsSTB、AP Router、Power Line、G PON、ADSL、Cable Modem、BroadBand
PowerPower IC、Power Transistor、Traic、MOSFET、BRSG
PCNorthbridge Chip、Southbridge Chip
OthersMedia Player、Solar Converter、LED Power Modules